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Penal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure, 1993
Decreto-Lei no. 5/93 : aprova o Código do Processo Penal

Boletim Oficial Suplemento, no. 41, 13 de Outubro de 1993, p. 32-72

From the "Rule of Law in Armed Conflict" website:

"There is a criminal code and a code of criminal procedure, which were approved together as a revised package of criminal law in 1993:

Criminal Code 1993 - Decreto-Lei no. 4/93 Aprova Codigo Penal Boletim Oficial Republica da Guine-Bissau, 13 Outubro de 1993, No. 41, [Suplemento] págs. 1-32.

This is a comprehensive criminal code covering the full range of criminal offences, from murder, rape and sexual assault to property offences and corruption, including obstructing justice. Some of the most relevant aspects include:

Definition and criminalisation of the crime of genocide (Art.101)
Prohibition on incitement to racial hatred (Art. 102)
Prohibition on torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment (Art. 103)
Crimes against peace and public order, including terrorism (Arts. 203-204)
Prohibition on buying, selling, importing, carrying or using certain firearms and explosives, especially weapons of war (Art.206)
Crimes against the state, including attempts on the life of the head of state (Art.222)

Code of Criminal Procedure 1993 - Decreto-lei No. 5/93 Aprova o Codigo do Processo Penal, Boletim Oficial Republica da Guine-Bissau, 13 Outubro de 1993, No. 41, [Suplemento] págs. 32-72. Copy below (Portuguese).

This provides an extensive code of criminal procedure, including limitations on detention and imprisonment, communication while in detention, and habeas corpus (Art. 190 )."

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