National Implementation of IHL
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Welcome to the database on national implementation of international humanitarian law (IHL).

This database aims to share information on national implementation measures collected by the Advisory Service of the ICRC and provided to it by States.

It contains laws and case law that implement IHL treaties and other related international instruments and illustrates possible approaches to incorporating IHL in national legal and administrative frameworks.

Whilst it is not exhaustive, it provides a comprehensive overview on IHL implementation measures taken by all States.

The database is organized by State and by Topic and most of the documents in the database are entered with a summary to facilitate their consultation.

Translations into English of texts from non-English speaking countries, are, unless otherwise indicated, unofficial translations. The original version of the documents are also attached and available in the database.

For more information on the Advisory Service please click here.

Any comments on the database are welcome and should be sent to:

International Committee of the Red Cross
Advisory Service on IHL
19, av. de la Paix
1202 Geneva