Norma relacionada
Practice Relating to Rule 159. Amnesty
Section A. Amnesty for participation in non-international armed conflicts
Chad’s Ordinance on a General Amnesty (1992) states: “Crimes, delicts and infractions committed by soldiers and sympathizers of the National Revival Committee for Peace and Democracy (CSNPD) between 21 February and 21 April 1992 are amnestied.” 
Chad, Ordinance on a General Amnesty, 1992, Article 1.
Chad’s Ordinance Granting Amnesty to Peace Agreements Signatories (2009) states:
A general amnesty is granted to the military and civilian members of the following organizations signatories of peace agreements:
- Chadian National Concorde;
- National Alliance for Change;
- Chadian Democratic Revolutionary Council;
- Movement for Democracy and Development;
- Resistance Alliances of Democrats;
- Chad Democratic Rally;
- Union of the Peoples of Chad for National Reconstruction;
- National Republican Alliance;
- Independent Patriots Group;
- Movement for Justice and Peace;
- Rally of Forces for Change Wing Issack Bacher Togou;
- Branch Wadi-Dohor (Koki Kory);
- Branch Wadi-Maroh (Mahamat Moussa Abali);
- Branch Ogui 11 (Touka Tchatchaou);
- Branch Zoui (Saleh Kinim);
- President P.1 MDJT (Lt.-Col. Adli Wardougou);
- Branch Zoumri 11 (Belgassem Aziguey Idriss);
- Branch Zoumri 111 (Cdt Youssouf Brahim);
- Branch Aouzou 1 (Yahia Koki Rozi);
- Branch Aouzou 11 (Moussa Saleh);
- Branch Wour (Allatchi Toke Gourde);
- Branch Yebibou (Galmaye Woria);
- Delegation of the MDJT “voice of Gouboune” (Barka Hallali). 
Chad, Ordinance Granting Amnesty to Peace Agreements Signatories, 2009, Article 1.