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Practice Relating to Rule 118. Provision of Basic Necessities to Persons Deprived of Their Liberty
In its judgment in the Arklöf case in 2006, Sweden’s Stockholm District Court stated:
The situation whereby the prisoners … were not provided with adequate healthcare is a violation of Additional Protocol II article 7. Arklöf was involved in collecting the prisoners and also assaulted them during the forced work. He also had plenty of opportunity, in accordance with the obligation specified in the regulations, to ensure that the injured individuals received care, but neglected to arrange this. In accordance with that stated, Arklöf has incurred individual responsibility as maintained by the prosecutor.
The international law rules that have been violated all have customary status. This relates to serious violations of the international humanitarian rules. 
Sweden, Stockholm District Court, Arklöf case, Judgment, 18 December 2006, pp. 59–60.