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Practice Relating to Rule 100. Fair Trial Guarantees
Section H. Assistance of an interpreter
The Manual of Pakistan Military Law (1987) states:
Interpreter. – An interpreter will be appointed when any evidence is given in a language which the court or the accused or an officer attending the trial does not understand (PAA Rule 91). If an interpreter has been appointed he must take the interpreter’s oath or affirmation, though the proceedings are not necessarily invalidated by failure to swear or affirm the interpreter (PAA Rule 132). It will generally be convenient that the officer holding the trial should (if competent to interpret in the language of the accused) himself take the interpreter’s oath or affirmation in addition to the oath or affirmation prescribed for the court. If necessary, he can appoint a competent interpreter, who may be one of the officers attending the trial. 
Pakistan, Manual of Pakistan Military Law, Vol. 1, Ministry of Defence, Government of Pakistan, 1987, p. 54.