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Practice Relating to Rule 27. Religious Personnel
The Philippines’ Air Power Manual (2000) provides:
1-6.3. The 1949 Geneva Convention includes the doctrine of proportionality – a concept which provides foundation for LOAC … It also embodies the protection of the various classes of people affected by the hostilities.
1-6.5. In addition to the conventions, Additional Protocols are incorporated which deal with people and their claim to protection under defined circumstances, such as medical and religious personnel. Additional Protocol One includes international conflicts and wars of national liberation. In effect, it defines the protection of the civilian population in times of international conflict.
1-6.6. Additional Protocol Two defines two things: limitations in the conduct of operations and principles relating to the protection of civilians in a non-international conflict. Thus, every combatant should understand the consequences of this Protocol. 
Philippines, Air Power Manual, Philippine Air Force, Headquarters, Office of Special Studies, May 2000, §§ 1-6.3 and 1-6.5–1-6.6.