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Practice Relating to Rule 150. Reparation
Section A. General
The Joint Circular on Adherence to IHL and Human Rights (1991) of the Philippines states:
If, in the course of legitimate security/police operations, private properties are damaged, measures shall be undertaken whenever practicable, utilizing available unit’s manpower and equipment, to repair the damage caused as a matter of AFP/PNP [Armed Forces of the Philippines/Philippine National Police] Civic Action Policy. 
Philippines, Implementation Guidelines for Presidential Memorandum Order No. 393, dated 9 September 1991, Directing the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippines National Police to Reaffirm their Adherence to the Principles of Humanitarian Law and Human Rights in the Conduct of Security/Police Operations, Joint Circular Number 2-91, Department of National Defense, Department of Interior and Local Government, 1991, § 2(a)(4).
The Philippine Army Soldier’s Handbook on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (2006) provides:
During combat operation:
12. Avoid destroying crops, properties and possessions. During military operations, avoid damaging plants and properties along the way. Avoid using incendiary that […] would set fire combustible materials such as “sawali,” “nipa” and other indigenous materials usually used for huts in the village. If unavoidable, pay for the damaged properties as soon as the combat operations are over or else repair or replace the damages. 
Philippines, Philippine Army Soldiers Handbook on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law, A Practical Guide for Internal Security Operations, 2006, p. 58, § 12.