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Practice Relating to Rule 100. Fair Trial Guarantees
Section N. Non bis in idem
Iraq’s Law of the Supreme Iraqi Criminal Tribunal (2005) states:
First: No person shall be tried before any other Iraqi court for crimes for which he has already been tried by the Tribunal, in accordance with Articles 300 and 301 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.
Second: A person who has been tried by any Iraqi court for a crime or crimes within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal may not be subsequently tried by the Tribunal unless the Tribunal determines that the previous court proceedings were not impartial or independent, or were designed to shield the accused from criminal responsibility. When taking a decision to order a retrial, one of the conditions contained in Article 196 of the Code of Civil Procedure and the requirements of Article 303 of the Code of Criminal Procedure must be met. 
Iraq, Law of the Supreme Iraqi Criminal Tribunal, 2005, Article 30(1) and (2).