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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Practice Relating to Rule 134. Women
Section B. Particular care for pregnant women and nursing mothers
The UK Military Manual (1958) contains several rules intended to protect specifically maternity cases and pregnant women. 
United Kingdom, The Law of War on Land being Part III of the Manual of Military Law, The War Office, HMSO, 1958, §§ 28, 29, 32–35, 46 and 538.
The UK LOAC Pamphlet (1981) contains specific rules intended to protect expectant women and mothers with children under seven years of age. 
United Kingdom, The Law of Armed Conflict, D/DAT/13/35/66, Army Code 71130 (Revised 1981), Ministry of Defence, prepared under the Direction of The Chief of the General Staff, 1981, Section 9, p. 34, §§ 2, 3 and 5.
The UK LOAC Manual (2004) states: “Pregnant women and mothers of dependent children who are arrested, detained or interned for reasons related to the armed conflict must have their cases considered with the utmost priority.” 
United Kingdom, The Manual of the Law of Armed Conflict, Ministry of Defence, 1 July 2004, § 9.8.2.