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Practice Relating to Rule 151. Individual Responsibility
Section A. Individual criminal responsibility
Finland’s Revised Penal Code (1995) contains a chapter entitled “War crimes and crimes against humanity” and therein provides for the punishment of individuals who commit acts listed under the chapter. In some of the provisions in this chapter the Revised Penal Code specifies that the acts be committed “in an act of war” (Section 1) or punishes “violations of human rights in a state of emergency”, defined as violations of “the rules on the protection of the wounded, the sick or the distressed, the treatment of prisoners of war and the protection of the civilian population, which … are to be followed during war, armed conflict or occupation” (Section 4). 
Finland, Revised Penal Code, 1995, Chapter 11, Sections 1 and 4.
In 2004, in a report to Parliament on Finland’s human rights policy, Finland stated:
The principle of individual criminal responsibility is particularly important in situations where it is not possible to implement state responsibility. The measures to put an end to impunity for serious international crimes have therefore become increasingly relevant. 
Finland, Government report to Parliament on the human rights policy of Finland 2004, Helsinki: Publications of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2004, p. 83.