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Practice Relating to Rule 30. Persons and Objects Displaying the Distinctive Emblem
Colombia’s Circular on Fundamental Rules of IHL (1992) provides: “The emblem of the red cross (red crescent, red lion and sun) is the sign of that protection [of medical personnel, units and transports] and must be respected.” 
Colombia, Transcripción Normas Fundamentales del Derecho Humanitario Aplicables en los Conflictos Armados, Circular No. 033/DIPL-SERPO-526, Policía Nacional, Dirección General, Santafé de Bogotá, 14 May 1992, § 3.
Under Colombia’s Penal Code (2000), it is a punishable act to attack or destroy, without imperative military necessity:
ambulances or means of medical transport, field hospitals or fixed hospitals, depots of aid material, medical convoys, goods destined for relief and aid of protected persons, … medical goods and installations properly marked with the distinctive emblems of the Red Cross or Red Crescent. 
Colombia, Penal Code, 2000, Article 155.