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Yugoslavia, Socialist Federal Republic of
Practice Relating to Rule 145. Reprisals
Section E. Termination of reprisals as soon as the adversary complies again with the law
The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia’s Military Manual (1988), in a provision entitled “Aim and duration of reprisals”, states: “When the enemy stops violating the rules of the international laws of war, the party to the conflict undertaking reprisals is obliged to terminate reprisals.” The manual further provides: “The armed forces of the SFRY [Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia] shall undertake reprisals against the enemy exceptionally and temporarily.” 
Yugoslavia, Socialist Federal Republic of, Propisi o Primeri Pravila Medjunarodnog Ratnog Prava u Oruzanim Snagama SFRJ, PrU-2, Savezni Sekretarijat za Narodnu Odbranu (Pravna Uprava), 1988, §§ 28 and 29.