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Practice Relating to Rule 111. Protection of the Wounded, Sick and Shipwrecked against Pillage and Ill-Treatment
Zimbabwe’s Code of Conduct for Combatants (1993) under the heading “Wounded, sick and shipwrecked enemies at sea” states: “Protect the wounded, sick and shipwrecked (also aircrew).” 
Zimbabwe, Code of Conduct for Combatants, Joint publication of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and the International Committee of the Red Cross Regional Delegation in Harare, 1993, p. 6.
Zimbabwe’s Defence Act (1972), as amended to 1993, provides for the punishment of “any member [of the Defence Forces] who … steals from or with intent to steal searches the person of anyone … wounded in the course of warlike operations”. 
Zimbabwe, Defence Act, 1972, as amended to 1993, First Schedule, Section 11(a).