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Practice Relating to Rule 35. Hospital and Safety Zones and Neutralized Zones
In 2001, in the Ballestas case, the Colombian Government requested the preventive detention and extradition of a Colombian citizen belonging to the armed group known as the Ejército de Liberación Nacional (National Liberation Army) for the crimes of rebellion, kidnapping, wrongful death, seizure and diversion of aircraft. The Chamber of Criminal Appeals of Venezuela’s Supreme Tribunal of Justice stated:
[The] … laws [of war] prohibit attacks on civilians or persons uninvolved in the conflict and on non-military targets … In order to avoid harming the latter, specific zones are drawn and some are declared off-limits: … [such as] medical and neutralized [zones]. 
Venezuela, Supreme Tribunal of Justice, Ballestas case, Judgment, 10 December 2001, p. 8.