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Practice Relating to Rule 136. Recruitment of Child Soldiers
In 2011, in its report to the Human Rights Council, Somalia stated:
75. Somalia has not ratified AP II [1977 Additional Protocol II] and it is therefore not directly applicable to Somalia as a matter of treaty law. The Government is aware that many provisions of AP II represent customary IHL rules and therefore apply to the situation in Somalia. Such provisions include Article 4 providing guarantees to persons taking no active part in hostilities … due to the fact that these norms are reflected in Common Article 3 of the [1949] Geneva Conventions.
81. The fighting in Somalia has been marked by widespread and systematic use of children as soldiers. The Government is aware of its international obligations prohibiting the use children in hostilities. It therefore does not, as a policy, recruit children or allow the recruitment of children into its security forces and is committed to eradicating the practice of child sold[i]ering in Somalia.
82. … [The] Prime Minister … appointed the State Minister at the Office of the Prime Minister, … as focal point for child protection and human rights and issued strict guidelines prohibiting the recruitment of children into the armed forces.
83. The Government is committed to implementing a comprehensive policy to prevent the use of children as soldiers. 
Somalia, Report to the Human Rights Council, 11 April 2011, UN Doc. A/HRC/WG.6/11/SOM/1, §§ 75 and 81–83.
In 2011, during the consideration of Somalia’s report to the Human Rights Council, a statement of the delegation of Somalia was summarized by the Committee as follows:
Regarding child soldiers, the [Somalia’s] High Level Committee issues very strict guidelines against this phenomenon. While the Committee did not find any evidence of the presence of child soldiers in the army, it d[e]cided that any child found in the security forces should be released immediately. 
Somalia, Statement by the Delegation of Somalia before the Human Rights Council during the consideration of the report of Somalia, published in the Report of the Working Group of the Human Rights Council on the Universal Periodic Review, 11 July 2011, UN Doc. A/HRC/18/6, § 70.
In 2011, in its comments on the concluding observations of the Human Rights Council concerning Somalia’s report, Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government stated:
The Government of Somalia has committed to ratify the [2000] Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. … The Government has issued strict guidelines to all its security forces not to allow the recruitment of children under the age of eighteen and anyone under eighteen found in the Somali national forces to be immediately discharged. The Government is putting in place a system to ensure that its policy of zero tolerance on the use of children into its forces is strictly enforced. 
Somalia, Comments by the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia on the concluding observations of the Human Rights Council concerning the report of Somalia, submitted 21 September 2011, § 98.54.