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Practice Relating to Rule 74. Chemical Weapons
The Sudan has been accused of using chemical weapons on towns in the south of the country. 
Chege Mbitiru, “Sudanese rebels accuse government of using chemical or biological bombs”, AP from Nairobi, 30 July 1999.
This alleged use has, however, never been officially verified and has always been denied by the Sudanese Government. 
“Sudan denies using biological or chemical weapons”, Akhbar Al-Youm, Khartoum, 1 August 1999, as quoted by AP from Khartoum, 1 August 1999.
There are some reports by independent institutes or NGOs, but these, too, are contradictory. 
“Confirmed chemical bombing in southern Sudan”, Norwegian People’s Aid, 2 August 1999, as posted on ReliefWeb,, version current on 14 December 1999; “UN sends doctors to treat survivors of toxic chemicals”, IPS from Nairobi, 5 August 1999; MSF, Living under aerial bombardments: Report of an investigation in the Province of Equatoria, Southern Sudan, Geneva, February 2000; Marjatta Rautio and Paula Vanninen, from Helsinki, “Analysis of samples from Sudan”, 20 June 2000, as in ASA Newsletter, No. 79, 31 August 2000, p. 14.