Norma relacionada
Practice Relating to Rule 73. Biological Weapons
At the Fourth Review Conference of States Parties to the Biological Weapons Convention in 1996, Romania stated:
The [1972 Biological Weapons Convention] together with complementary efforts aimed at the non-proliferation of biological and toxin weapons constitutes at present and in the years to come one of the main pillars of international stability and security, both at regional and global levels. To that effect, Romania … has a consistent policy of strict observance of the provisions of the Convention and the export controls of biological agents, equipment and technologies which could be used for the production of biological and toxin weapons.
Strongly supporting the view that export controls are an essential lever of enforcing non-proliferation, Romania has established the necessary mechanisms, procedures and lists of items, all similar to those convened within existing international non-proliferation regimes.
We re-emphasize the significance of this international norm against biological and toxin weapons, the importance of full implementation by all parties of the provisions of the Convention, as well as the need to make all efforts to secure universal adherence to [the Biological Weapons Convention]. 
Romania, Statement of 25 November 1996 at the Fourth Review Conference of States Parties to the Biological Weapons Convention, Geneva, 25 November–6 December 1996, pp. 2–3.