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Practice Relating to Rule 132. Return of Displaced Persons
Section A. Conditions for return
The Military Directive to Commanders (1988) of the Philippines provides: “Displaced persons and evacuees shall be allowed and/or persuaded to return to their homes as quickly as tactical considerations permit.” 
Philippines, Protection and Rehabilitation of Innocent Civilians Affected by AFP Counterinsurgency Operations, Directive to Commanders of Major Services and Area Commands, Office of the Chief of Staff, General Headquarters of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Ministry of National Defense, 15 July 1988, § 3(e).
The Philippine Army Soldier’s Handbook on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (2006) provides:
After an engagement:
11. Allow the evacuees to return to their homes. As soon as tactical considerations permit, the evacuees should be allowed to return to their homes. 
Philippines, Philippine Army Soldier’s Handbook on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law, A Practical Guide for Internal Security Operations, 2006, p. 62, § 11.
The Philippines’ Executive Order No. 2 (2001), Creating an Interagency Committee for Relief, Rehabilitation and Development of Areas Affected by Armed Conflicts in Mindanao, states:
[T]he government [of the Philippines] is committed to ensure the safe return of families and individuals affected by armed conflicts to their communities of origin and assist them in rebuilding their shattered lives by addressing their basic needs. 
Philippines, Executive Order No. 2, 2001, preamble.
The Guidelines on Evacuations adopted by the Presidential Human Rights Committee of the Philippines in 1991 provides: “Evacuees shall be returned to their houses at government expense as soon as the reason for evacuation ceases.” 
Philippines, Presidential Human Rights Committee, Res. No. 91-001 Providing for Guidelines on Evacuations, Manila, 26 March 1991, § 8.