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Practice Relating to Rule 150. Reparation
Section C. Forms of reparation other than compensation
In its judgment in the J.T. case in 1949 in which an individual had sued the State for repayment of money taken by the police during the arrest of the claimant during the occupation of the Netherlands by the German army, the District Court of The Hague held that the State of the Netherlands must repay the money to the plaintiff. The Court held that it was true that the State was not liable for all acts committed by the resistance movement (Binnenlandse Strijdkrachten) which had been organized with the consent of the government in exile during the Second World War, but since it was definitely established that the money had come into the hands of the police, restitution had to be made. 
Netherlands, District Court of The Hague, J.T. case, Judgment, 13 April 1949.