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Practice Relating to Rule 51. Public and Private Property in Occupied Territory
Section B. Immovable public property in occupied territory
Nigeria’s Manual on the Laws of War provides:
Real property of military character belonging to the enemy State, such as fortifications, dockyards, railways and bridges, remains at the absolute disposal of the occupant until the end of the war. Such property may be destroyed if absolutely necessary for military operations.
Real property of a non-military character belonging to the enemy state such as public buildings, forests, parks and mines should not be damaged or destroyed unless it is imperatively demanded by the exigencies of war.
The temporary use of real property for military purposes during a combat operation is justified, although such use may diminish the value of the property. 
Nigeria, The Laws of War, by Lt. Col. L. Ode PSC, Nigerian Army, Lagos, undated, §§ 27 and 28.