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Practice Relating to Rule 29. Medical Transports
Section C. Respect for and protection of hospital ships
Mexico’s Army and Air Force Manual (2009), in a section on the 1949 Geneva Convention II, states:
121. Military hospital ships may not be attacked or captured under any circumstances and must be respected and protected at all times, provided that their names and descriptions have been notified to the parties to the conflict ten days before they are employed.
122. Hospital ships utilized by National Red Cross Societies, by officially recognized relief societies or by private persons are entitled to the same protection as military hospital ships.
123. Establishments ashore entitled to the protection of the Geneva Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces in the Field must be protected from bombardment or attack from the sea.
128. Ships chartered to transport medical equipment and materials are authorized to transport supplies intended exclusively for the treatment of wounded and sick members of armed forces or for the prevention of disease. The adverse power reserves the right to board such ships, but not to capture them or seize the supplies that they are carrying. 
Mexico, Manual de Derecho Internacional Humanitario para el Ejército y la Fuerza Área Mexicanos, Ministry of National Defence, June 2009, §§ 121–123 and 128.