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Practice Relating to Rule 81. Restrictions on the Use of Landmines
In 1974, during discussions in the Ad Hoc Committee on Conventional Weapons established by the CDDH, the representative of Kuwait stated:
17. … As a defensive measure, the practice of laying mine-fields – provided that they were properly marked for the benefit of the local population and friendly forces – could not be prohibited. it supported restrictions on the use of mines as a defensive weapon and that their use as offensive weapons should be prohibited … He himself considered that the use of anti-personnel landmines for the purpose of paralysing the enemy’s movements was acceptable.
18. On the other hand, he stressed the danger to civilians as well as to members of the armed forces of air-delivered mines, which were likely to strike indiscriminately, especially if they were scattered over a wide area. He therefore considered that, in the case of delayed-action and treacherous weapons, it was better to make every effort to provide a rule for limiting their use rather than to try to lay stress on their inhuman aspects or the medical results they produced, and that the best course would be to regard them as defensive weapons and to prohibit their use as offensive weapons. 
Kuwait, Statement at the CDDH, Official Records, Vol. XVI, CDDH/IV/SR.13, 28 February 1975, p. 127, §§ 17–18.