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Practice Relating to Rule 154. Obedience to Superior Orders
In an article published in a military review, a member of the Kuwaiti armed forces stated:
If a soldier receives an illegal order, he should draw the attention of his commander to the illegality of the same. If the commander insists on his opinion, the soldier should abide by the order and implement it, unless the illegality is clear, and the order forms a crime, e.g. if the military commander orders to forge papers, embezzle funds, murder a human being or torture him. Here the duty of obedience is turned into the duty of refusal. 
Fellah Awad Al-Anzi, “The accomplishment of duties and the execution of military orders, their limits and constraints”, Homat Al-Watan, No. 149, p. 61.
According to the Report on the Practice of Kuwait, under Kuwait’s military laws, soldiers take the oath to obey rightful orders. 
Report on the Practice of Kuwait, 1997, Chapter 6.8.