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Republic of Korea
Practice Relating to Rule 52. Pillage
The Republic of Korea’s Military Regulation 187 (1991) provides that theft is a war crime. 
Republic of Korea, Military Regulation 187, 1 January 1991, Article 4.2.
The Republic of Korea’s Military Law Manual (1996) states that commanders are responsible for acts of pillage committed by soldiers. 
Republic of Korea, Military Law Manual, 1996, p. 89.
Under the Republic of Korea’s Military Criminal Code (1962), “a person who … takes the goods and effects of the inhabitants in the combat or occupied area” commits a punishable offence. 
Republic of Korea, Military Criminal Code, 1962, Article 82.
The Republic of Korea’s ICC Act (2007) provides for the punishment of anyone who commits the war crime of pillage in both international and non-international armed conflicts. 
Republic of Korea, ICC Act, 2007, Article 11(1).