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Practice Relating to Rule 81. Restrictions on the Use of Landmines
Kenya’s LOAC Manual (1997) states that mines, other than remotely delivered, may be used in populated areas “when they are placed on or in the close vicinity of a military objective belonging to or under the control of the enemy; or when measures are taken to protect civilian persons (e.g. warning signs, sentries, issue of warnings, provision of fences)”. According to the manual, remotely delivered mines may be used
a) only within an area being itself a military objective, or containing military objectives, and
b) when their location can be accurately recorded, or an effective neutralising mechanism is issued on each mine;
c) subject to effective advanced warning to the civilian population when the tactical situation permits. 
Kenya, Law of Armed Conflict, Military Basic Course (ORS), 4 Précis, The School of Military Police, 1997, Précis No. 3, pp. 3–4.