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Practice Relating to Rule 30. Persons and Objects Displaying the Distinctive Emblem
Italy’s LOAC Elementary Rules Manual (1991) provides that, during military operations, persons and objects displaying the distinctive emblems must be respected. 
Italy, Regole elementari di diritto di guerra, SMD-G-012, Stato Maggiore della Difesa, I Reparto, Ufficio Addestramento e Regolamenti, Rome, 1991, p. 30.
Italy’s Combatant’s Manual (1998) states:
Medical personnel, equipment and facilities, as well as medical and military religious support personnel, are protected by the emblem “Red cross on a white background” or “Red crescent on a white background” or by both emblems appearing together.
IT IS PROHIBITED to carry out hostile acts of any type against people and objects protected by these emblems, except in cases of legitimate defence.
In addition to the red cross and the red crescent, many other emblems are used by countries but are not recognized by the Conventions. They are all characterized by a red emblem on a white background: even if these emblems do not enjoy international protection, it is advisable to respect them, whenever they are known. 
Italy, Manuale del Combattente, SME 1000/A/2, Stato Maggiore Esercito/Reparto Impiego delle Forze, Ufficio Dottrina, Addestramento e Regolamenti, 1998, § 242.
[emphasis in original]