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Practice Relating to Rule 152. Command Responsibility for Orders to Commit War Crimes
Under Iraq’s Military Penal Code (1940), a commander is criminally responsible for orders that contemplate the commission of a crime. 
Iraq, Military Penal Code, 1940, Articles 43 and 98.
Iraq’s Law of the Supreme Iraqi Criminal Tribunal (2005) states:
First: A person who commits a crime within the jurisdiction of this Tribunal shall be individually responsible and liable for punishment in accordance with this Law.
Second: In accordance with this Law, and the provisions of the Penal Code, a person shall be criminally responsible if he [or she]:
B. Orders, solicits or induces the commission of such a crime, which has occurred or has been attempted. 
Iraq, Law of the Supreme Iraqi Criminal Tribunal, 2005, Article 15(1) and 2(B).