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Practice Relating to Rule 148. Reprisals in Non-International Armed Conflicts
India’s Manual of Military Law (1983) prohibits reprisals. The provision is in a section relative to the actions of a commander acting in aid of civil authorities for the handling of crowds and mobs. The manual adds that action is preventive and not punitive and that no soldier can punish a civilian, except under martial law. 
India, Manual of Military Law, Three Volumes, Ministry of Defence, Government of India, 1983, Vol. 1, Chapter VII, § 8.
At the CDDH, India said that it supported the view of a US representative according to which Article 10 bis should be deleted and also prepared to vote against the provision. Nevertheless, it expressed the opinion that while compromises were to be appreciated, they tended to jeopardize the national sovereignty of States. 
India, Statement at the CDDH, Official Records, Vol. VII, CDDH/SR.51, 3 June 1977, p. 108, § 8.