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Practice Relating to Rule 91. Corporal Punishment
Israel’s Manual on the Laws of War (1998) refers to the 1949 Geneva Convention III and provides that corporal punishment of prisoners of war is prohibited. 
Israel, Laws of War in the Battlefield, Manual, Military Advocate General Headquarters, Military School, 1998, p. 53.
Israel’s Manual on the Rules of Warfare (2006) states:
The disciplinary and punishment rules applicable in the army of the imprisoning country will also apply to the prisoners-of-war … corporal punishment, torture and imprisonment under inhumane conditions are absolutely forbidden. 
Israel, Rules of Warfare on the Battlefield, Military Advocate-General’s Corps Command, IDF School of Military Law, Second Edition, 2006, p. 34.
The Manual on the Rules of Warfare (2006) is a second edition of the Manual on the Laws of War (1998).