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Practice Relating to Rule 25. Medical Personnel
Croatia’s Commanders’ Manual (1992) states: “Specifically protected persons may not participate directly in hostilities and may not be attacked. They shall be allowed to perform their tasks, when the tactical situation permits.” Such persons include military and civilian medical personnel. 
Croatia, Basic Rules of the Law of Armed Conflicts – Commanders’ Manual, Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Defence, 1992, §§ 7 and 12.
Croatia’s Soldiers’ Manual (1992) instructs soldiers to respect medical personnel. 
Croatia, Rules of Conduct for Soldiers, Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Defence, 1992, pp. 2 and 3
Under Croatia’s Criminal Code (1997), “the killing, torture or inhuman treatment” of medical personnel is a war crime. 
Croatia, Criminal Code, 1997, Article 159.