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Practice Relating to Rule 110. Treatment and Care of the Wounded, Sick and Shipwrecked
Section A. Medical care
Guinea’s Soldier’s Manual (2010), under the heading “Wounded enemy combatants”, states: “Care for them [and] [h]and them over to … the nearest medical personnel.” 
Guinea, Soldier’s Manual, Ministry of National Defence, 2010, pp. 7–8.
Under the heading “Rules of conduct in combat”, the manual also states: “[C]are for the wounded and sick”. 
Guinea, Soldier’s Manual, Ministry of National Defence, 2010, p. 15.
Guinea’s Disciplinary Regulations (2012) states:
In accordance with the international agreements signed by the government of Guinea, military personnel in combat are required:
- to collect, protect and care for the wounded, sick and shipwrecked, to the extent permitted by the circumstances[.] 
Guinea, Règlement de Service dans les Forces Armées, Volume 1: Règlement de Discipline Générale (Service Regulations in the Armed Forces, Volume 1: General Discipline Regulations), 2012 edition, Ministère de la Défense Nationale, approved by Presidential Decree No. D 293/PRG/SGG/2012, 6 December 2012, Article 12(a).