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Practice Relating to Rule 128. Release and Return of Persons Deprived of Their Liberty
Section A. Release and return without delay
France’s LOAC Summary Note (1992) provides that “retention of prisoners of war and civilians” constitutes a grave breach, which is a war crime. 
France, Fiche de Synthèse sur les Règles Applicables dans les Conflits Armés, Note No. 432/DEF/EMA/OL.2/NP, Général de Corps d’Armée Voinot (pour l’Amiral Lanxade, Chef d’Etat-major des Armées), 1992, § 3.4.
The Report on the Practice of France points out that France has insisted on the moral necessity of releasing prisoners in connection with the conflicts in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Rwanda. It even mentioned the possibility of freeing prisoners from camps by force. 
Report on the Practice of France, 1999, Chapter 5.4.