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Practice Relating to Rule 100. Fair Trial Guarantees
Section N. Non bis in idem
In 2008, in the “Disappeared of the Beach” case, France’s Criminal Chamber of the Court of Cassation held:
[T]he domestic judge, when he receives a case based on a universal jurisdiction clause, shall ensure that the res judicata which took place abroad does not hinder the prosecution in France. … This assessment, which is a condition to the legality of the public prosecution, shall be effective and take place in the preparatory phase of the criminal proceedings established in France … If the investigating chamber fails to proceed with such assessment, the interested parties shall benefit, without discrimination, of a useful and effective remedy to hinder the commencement of the public prosecution. 
France, Court of Cassation (Criminal Chamber), “Disappeared of the Beach” case, Judgment, 9 April 2008, p. 7.