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Practice Relating to Rule 143. Dissemination of International Humanitarian Law among the Civilian Population
In 2004, in a report to Parliament on the human rights policy of Finland, Finland stated: “Together with the other Member States of the EU, Finland [has] pledged to raise public awareness in relation to international humanitarian law, particularly among youth and peacekeeping forces.” 
Finland, Government report to Parliament on the human rights policy of Finland 2004, Helsinki: Publications of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2004, pp. 82–83.
[W]e must have a stronger policy for protecting children’s rights in peacekeeping operations. The recent serious allegations in the Central African Republic bear tragic witness to the importance of this. It is essential that personnel deployed in the field have adequate training in the rights of the child. Among the many steps needed, one could be to include child protection structures, including child protection focal points, in all missions and make pre-deployment training of peacekeepers in child protection mandatory. The coming United Nations Child Protection Training of Trainers Course that will be hosted by the Swedish Armed Forces this autumn will contribute to this. 
Finland, Statement by the permanent representative of Sweden before the UN Security Council during an open debate on children and armed conflict, made on behalf of Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, 18 June 2015.