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Practice Relating to Rule 42. Works and Installations Containing Dangerous Forces
According to Ethiopia’s Standing Rules of Engagement (2007), “dangerous sites such as dams, nuclear or electric power stations” do not constitute military objectives. 
Ethiopia, Standing Rules of Engagement, National Defense Force, Addis Ababa, 2007§ 8.4.9.
Ethiopia’s Criminal Code (2004) states:
Article 270.- War Crimes against the Civilian Population.
Whoever, in time of war, armed conflict or occupation organizes, orders or engages in, against the civilian population and in violation of the rules of public international law and of international humanitarian conventions:
(o) attacking dams, dykes, and nuclear electrical generating stations, if their attack causes the release of dangerous forces and consequent severe losses among the civilian population …
is punishable with rigorous imprisonment from five years to twenty-five years, or, in more serious cases, with life imprisonment or death. 
Ethiopia, Criminal Code, 2004, Article 270.