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Practice Relating to Rule 110. Treatment and Care of the Wounded, Sick and Shipwrecked
Ethiopia’s Criminal Code (2004) states:
Article 271.- War Crimes against Wounded, Sick or Shipwrecked Persons or Medical Services.
(1) Whoever, in the circumstances defined above [i.e., in time of war, armed conflict or occupation and in violation of the rules of public international law and of international humanitarian conventions] organizes, orders or engages in:
(a) … withholding medical care and attention required by their condition [from] … wounded, sick or shipwrecked persons …
is punishable in accordance with Article 270 [i.e., with rigorous imprisonment from five years to twenty-five years, or, in more serious cases, with life imprisonment or death]. 
Ethiopia, Criminal Code, 2004, Article 271(1).
Ethiopia’s Red Cross Legal Notice (1947) refers to one of the objectives of the Red Cross, notably “caring for the sick and wounded among troops and civilians without national discretion”. 
Ethiopia, Red Cross Legal Notice, 1947, Article 4(a).