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Practice Relating to Rule 8. Definition of Military Objectives
Section E. Lines and means of communication
The Report on the Practice of Algeria states:
Leaving aside the objects which do not really raise questions of interpretation such as tanks or weapons and munition depots, the National Liberation Army of Algeria resorted to “economic sabotage” throughout the war. Roads, bridges, railway tracks and telephone lines were preferred targets. It even happened that harvests of important French colonisers were burned or fuel depots used by the French army destroyed … Even the petroleum industry which had barely emerged was not spared. In fact, everything which was considered to form part of “the economic machinery of the enemy” had to be brought down. 
Report on the Practice of Algeria, 1997, Chapter 1.3, referring to El Moudjahid, Vol. 1, pp. 22 and 25–26, El Moudjahid, Vol. 2, p. 151 and El Moudjahid, Vol. 3, pp. 153–154.