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Practice Relating to Rule 159. Amnesty
Section B. Prohibition on amnesty for war crimes
Algeria’s Law on National Reconciliation (1999), proposed by the government for persons involved in terrorist activities who say they wish to stop, provides, inter alia, for immunity from prosecution for anyone:
who has not committed or participated in the commission of one of the offences set forth in Article 87 bis of the Penal Code [i.e. acts qualifying as “terrorist or subversive”], leading to death or permanent disability, rape, or who has not used explosives in public places or places frequented by the public and who, within six months of the date of promulgation of this law, has advised the competent authorities that he will stop any terrorist or subversive activity and has given himself up to the competent authorities. 
Algeria, Law on National Reconciliation, 1999, Article 3.