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Practice Relating to Rule 51. Public and Private Property in Occupied Territory
Cameroon’s Disciplinary Regulations (1975) states that, under the laws and customs of war, “any wanton destruction … in particular of private property” is forbidden. 
Cameroon, Règlement de discipline dans les Forces Armées, Décret No. 75/700, 6 November 1975, Article 32.
Cameroon’s Disciplinary Regulations (2007) states:
Article 32: Prohibitions
It is prohibited to soldiers in combat:
to engage in any wanton destruction or any pillage, in particular of private property, and to use any means that cause unnecessary suffering and damage;
Article 34: Protection of civilians
The utilization of the resources of the occupied territory must remain within the lawful framework of the needs of our forces of occupation. 
Cameroon, Règlement de discipline générale dans les forces de défense, Décret N° 2007/199, Président de la République, 7 July 2007, Articles 32 and 34.