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Practice Relating to Rule 141. Legal Advisers for Armed Forces
Cameroon’s Instructor’s Manual (1992) states:
The profile of a legal adviser is defined as follows:
–having undergone thorough training in International Humanitarian Law and the Law of War for legal advisers,
–holding a degree in public law (or, as a minimum, be well versed in legal matters),
–possessing a sound knowledge of public international law,
–having undergone high-level military training and holding a senior military rank.
Within the General Staff, legal advisers provide high-level training for senior officers.
They may also carry out normal General Staff duties and, in particular, ensure the legality of orders related to property that enjoys special protection.
In addition to their General Staff duties, legal advisers may be assigned special tasks. 
Cameroon, Droit international humanitaire et droit de la guerre, Manuel de l’instructeur en vigueur dans les Forces Armées, Présidence de la République, Ministère de la Défense, Etat-major des Armées, Troisième Division, Edition 1992, p. 134, § 461.3.
Cameroon’s Instructor’s Manual (2006) states with regard to the role of legal officers specialized in IHL:
1. Editing of Documents and Advising the Command [in Military Headquarters]
[Their] main responsibility consists of ensuring that … all orders and instructions are in accordance with the law of armed conflict and international humanitarian law.
3. Legal Advisors in the Law of Armed Conflict and International Humanitarian Law…
… participate in the high-level training of senior officers.
… participate in the normative work of the military headquarters and particularly in [ensuring] the conformity of orders regarding specially protected objects. 
Cameroon, Droit des conflits armés et droit international humanitaire, Manuel de l’instructeur en vigueur dans les forces de défense, Ministère de la Défense, Présidence de la République, Etat-major des Armées, 2006, pp. 285–286, § 651.