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Cook Islands
Practice Relating to Rule 61. Improper Use of Other Internationally Recognized Emblems
The Geneva Conventions and Additional Protocols Act (2002) of the Cook Islands provides:
No person may, without the authority of the Minister or a person authorised by the Minister in writing to give consent under this section, use for any purpose any of the following:
(e) The sign of an equilateral blue triangle on, and completely surrounded by, an orange ground (which is the international distinctive sign of civil defence);
(f) Any of the distinctive signals specified in Chapter III of Annex 1 to the First Additional Protocol (which are the signals of identification for medical units and transports);
(g) The sign of a group of three bright orange circles of equal size, placed on the same axis, the distance between each circle being one radius (which is the international special sign for works and installations containing dangerous forces);
(h) Any emblem, designation, or signal, so nearly resembling any of the emblems, designations, or signals, specified in paragraphs (a) to (g) as to be capable of being mistaken for, or, as the case may be, understood as referring to, one of those emblems, designations, or signals. 
Cook Islands, Geneva Conventions and Additional Protocols Act, 2002, Section 10(1).