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Central African Republic
Practice Relating to Rule 87
Section C. Wounded and sick
The Central African Republic’s Instructor’s Manual (1999) states in Volume 2 (Instruction for group and patrol leaders): “Wounded, sick or shipwrecked captured combatants … must be treated humanely … and protected.” 
Central African Republic, Le Droit de la Guerre, Fascicule No. 2: Formation pour l’obtention du certificat technique No. 2 (Chef de Groupe), du certificat Inter-Armé (CIA), du certificat d’aptitude de Chef de Patrouille (CACP), Ministère de la Défense, Forces Armées Centrafricaines, 1999, Chapter II, Section III, § 3.1; see also Chapter III, Section II, § 2.2 and Annex, Section II.