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Practice Relating to Rule 156. Definition of War Crimes
Azerbaijan’s Criminal Code (1999) provides for punishment, inter alia, in case of war crimes (Article 57) and contains provisions criminalizing: the use of “mercenaries” (Article 114); “violations of [the] laws and customs of war” (Article 115); “violations of the norms of international humanitarian law in time of armed conflict” (Article 116); “negligence or giving criminal orders in time of armed conflict” (Article 117); “pillage” (Article 118); and “abuse of protected signs” (Article 119). In a remark relating to the part entitled “War crimes”, the Code states: “Any of [the] acts considered in the present part and committed with regard to [the] planning, preparation, beginning or conduct of hostilities during either international or internal armed conflict, are considered as war crimes.” 
Azerbaijan, Criminal Code, 1999, Articles 57 and 114–119 and remark 1 relating to Part 17.