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Practice Relating to Rule 126. Visits to Persons Deprived of Their Liberty
Afghanistan’s Juvenile Code (2005) states: “Visits [to] detention places. The legal representative has the right to visit the child in places of detention provided that the rules of those places are respected.” 
Afghanistan, Juvenile Code, 2005, Article 46.
The Code also states: “Legal representatives [may include] parents, guardians, executors, relatives, attorney or [the] legal guardian of a child.” 
Afghanistan, Juvenile Code, 2005, Article 4(7).
Afghanistan’s Law on Juvenile Rehabilitation and Training Centres (2009) states regarding the detention of juveniles:
Article 24. [Contact] with Family
[The persons] in charge of [a] juvenile’s justice rehabilitation centre … [have the] duty … to [ensure that juveniles, whether] suspected, accused [or] sentenced to imprisonment [are able] to communicate with their families, [through] visit, … mail or other ways that should not disturb [the] facility’s regulation.
Article 31. Punishment.
If the … [detained juvenile] does not observe the orders and disciplines of juvenile centres, [the] following punishment will be given:
3. Prohibition of visitation with their family
4. Deprivation of their leave. 
Afghanistan, Law on Juvenile Rehabilitation and Training Centres, 2009, Articles 24 and 31.