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United States of America
Practice Relating to Rule 87. Humane Treatment
Section B. Civilians
The US Field Manual (1956) recalls Article 27 of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV, which provides that in occupied territories, civilians must be treated humanely. 
United States, Field Manual 27-10, The Law of Land Warfare, US Department of the Army, 18 July 1956, as modified by Change No. 1, 15 July 1976, § 266.
The US Soldier’s Manual (1984) states: “Inhumane treatment of civilians [is a violation] of the law of war for which you can be prosecuted.” 
United States, Your Conduct in Combat under the Law of War, Publication No. FM 27-2, Headquarters Department of the Army, Washington, November 1984, p 20.
The US Instructor’s Guide (1985) provides: “Persons taking no direct part in hostilities shall in all circumstances be treated humanely.” 
United States, Instructor’s Guide – The Law of War, Headquarters Department of the Army, Washington, April 1985, pp. 4, 8 and 17.
The US Rules of Engagement for Operation Desert Storm (1991) instructs forces to “treat all civilians and their property with respect and dignity”. 
United States, Desert Storm – Rules of Engagement, Pocket Card, US Central Command, January 1991, reprinted in Operational Law Handbook, International and Operational Law Department, The Judge Advocate General’s School, United States Army, Charlottesville, Virginia, 1995, pp. 8-7 and 8-8, § H.
The US Air Force Pamphlet (1976) states that Articles 27–34 of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV “provide for humane treatment of the individuals protected”. It also states: “Articles 27 and 38 require protected persons in the territory of a belligerent to be humanely treated.” 
United States, Air Force Pamphlet 110-31, International Law – The Conduct of Armed Conflict and Air Operations, US Department of the Air Force, 1976, §§ 11-3, 14-4 and 14-5.
In 1992, in its final report to Congress on the conduct of the Gulf War, the US Department of Defense noted some specific Iraqi war crimes, including inhumane treatment of Kuwaiti and third country civilians. 
United States, Department of Defense, Final Report to Congress on the Conduct of the Persian Gulf War, 10 April 1992, Appendix O, The Role of the Law of War, ILM, Vol. 31, 1992, p. 634.