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Practice Relating to Rule 100. Fair Trial Guarantees
Section D. Information on the nature and cause of the accusation
Peru’s New Code of Criminal Procedure (2004) states: “Every person shall have an inviolable and unrestricted right … to be informed immediately and in detail of the accusations against him or her”. 
Peru, New Code of Criminal Procedure, 2004, Article IX(1).
Peru’s Military and Police Criminal Code (2010), which includes provisions on crimes under international humanitarian law, states in a chapter entitled “Procedural principles and guarantees”: “Every member of the military or the police has the right to be informed of their rights, [and] of the charges made against him or her.” 
Peru, Military and Police Criminal Code, 2010, Article 148(1).
In a chapter entitled “The accused”, the Code also states:
The police, the prosecutor and the judges must inform the accused immediately and comprehensively of the following rights in order to ensure that he or she benefits from the safeguards essential for his or her defence:
4. To appear before the prosecutor or military or police judge in order to be informed of and heard on the charges against him or her. 
Peru, Military and Police Criminal Code, 2010, Article 199(4); see also Article 213.