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Practice Relating to Rule 116. Accounting for the Dead
Section E. Information concerning the dead
The Military Manual (2005) of the Netherlands states:
Death of prisoners of war
If a prisoner of war dies in detention, information (notification of death) must in all cases be passed to the information bureau (see point 0752; G III Article 120, Annex IV.D). Where applicable, the protecting power must also be informed. This information should consist specifically of the name, rank, date of birth and registration number, date and place of death, cause of death, date and place of burial, and all particulars necessary to locate the grave. A will of a prisoner of war should be forwarded direct to the information bureau after his death, and possibly also to the protecting power. All particulars of funerals and graves should be registered by a graves service (in the Netherlands the Royal Dutch Army Recovery and Identification Service). 
Netherlands, Humanitair Oorlogsrecht: Handleiding, Voorschift No. 27-412, Koninklijke Landmacht, Militair Juridische Dienst, 2005, § 0751.