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Practice relating to Rule 66. Non-Hostile Contacts between the Parties to the Conflict
Section D. Refusal to receive parlementaires
Italy’s IHL Manual (1991) provides a parlementaire must be received, unless particular circumstances do not permit it. However, it can be declared that no parlementaires will be received for a certain period of time. Such a policy may also be adopted as a reprisal measure. 
Italy, Manuale di diritto umanitario, Introduzione e Volume I, Usi e convenzioni di Guerra, SMD-G-014, Stato Maggiore della Difesa, I Reparto, Ufficio Addestramento e Regolamenti, Rome, 1991, Vol. I, §§ 54 and 55.
Italy’s Law of War Decree (1938), as amended in 1992, stipulates: “The commander of the operating force is not obliged to receive a parlementaire in all circumstances.” 
Italy, Law of War Decree, 1938, as amended in 1992, Article 68.