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Practice Relating to Rule 90. Torture and Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment
Section A. General
Indonesia’s Directive on Human Rights (1995) in Trikora states: “Respect for personal and human dignity consists of no acts of torture, no acts of cruelty, ill-treatment or inhuman punishment.” 
Indonesia, Directive concerning the Respect of Human Rights in Military Operations, issued by the Commander of the Regional Military Command of Trikora, No. Skep/96/XII/1995, 1 November 1995, § 4(a).
Indonesia’s Field Manual (1979) specifies that although the government has the right to use legitimate force against rebels, the fundamental principles of the 1949 Geneva Conventions still apply and the Indonesian armed forces have to ensure that the personal dignity of prisoners of war is respected in all circumstances. 
Indonesia, Field Manual concerning the Treatment of Prisoners of War, Department of Defence, 1979, Section 1, § 4 and Section 3, § 5.