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Practice Relating to Rule 88. Non-Discrimination
Section E. Apartheid
Croatia’s Criminal Code (1997), as amended to 2006, provides for the punishment of anyone, who:
… publicly states or disseminates ideas on the superiority or subordination of one race, ethnic or religious community, gender, ethnicity, or ideas on superiority or subordination on the basis of colour for the purpose of spreading racial, religious, sexual, national and ethnic hatred or hatred based on colour or for the purpose of disparagement shall be punished. 
Croatia, Criminal Code, 1997, as amended to 2006, Article 174(3).
The Criminal Code further states that it is a crime against humanity:
[To order] within an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination of one racial group over another racial group or groups that an inhumane act described in this Article be committed or an act similar to any of these offences so as to maintain such a regime (the crime of apartheid). 
Croatia, Criminal Code, 1997, as amended in June 2006, Article 157a.